For a limited time in the Capital District we are now offering a free indoor air quality test
with a free indoor blast with the Aerus Mid-Range Blaster.

Rely on us for routine air quality testing in Albany, NY and surrounding areas.

Maintain a Clean Environment

Leave the air quality testing to us in Albany, NY and surrounding areas.

Get the equipment you need to keep your family or customers from mold and allergens inside your building. Aerus offers air quality testing services to determine whether your air needs purification.

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Discover what our vacuums can do for you

Dirt, grime and germs can stick to your floor all too easily. It's important to make sure your floors are clean and germ-free. Our floor care systems make that possible. We can provide you with the high-performance vacuum cleaners you need to combat dirt and dust in your carpets. Our best-seller is the CentraLux central vacuum system. We offer vacuum repairs to all makes and models.

In addition to our floor care services, you can depend on us for:

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What makes Aerus the right choice for you?

Our company has been coming up with ways to make indoor environments cleaner and safer since 1924. We're dedicated to helping keep homes and commercial buildings in the Albany, NY area in good condition. Our innovative technology can make sure your living space is free of dust, dirt and bacteria.

Your solution to household pollution

Make sure your floors are clean and germ-free with the CentraLux. Aerus, formerly known as Electrolux, is proud to offer one of our quietest and most powerful central vacuum systems to our customers in Albany, NY. This is a convenient solution for those looking to improve their indoor air quality and reduce noise while cleaning. This system can be installed in existing homes or homes under construction. We also offer vacuum repairs so that your system remains in great condition for years to come.

Remove dirt and debris from your home and keep it out. Contact us today to ask about our CentraLux vacuums.